OARS Grants Program.

The Open Association of Research Society, United States (OARS) passionately supports groundbreaking scientific exploration by offering financial assistance to exceptional researchers whose work embodies our mission: fostering innovative progress in fundamental science.

Currently, our grants predominantly cater to scholars based in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. It is crucial to emphasize that our grant program does not endorse lab-based research, review projects, educational tuition, scholarships, or fellowships of any kind.

Eligibility Specifications

For consideration in the OARS grant allocation, applicants must:

Possess a Ph.D. with a minimum of three years in the research field or hold a postgraduate degree accompanied by ten years of research experience.
Showcase at least five globally recognized publications in their current domain within the past three years.
Be an active participant as a Peer Reviewer or Member of the Editorial Board for other international journals, or occupy a position as an Executive Member or Senior Professor within a university, research institution, or higher education board.
Have been recognized with accolades or distinctions from esteemed research establishments.
Exhibit comprehensive comprehension of research methodologies and their implementation in intricate circumstances while adhering to professional, ethical guidelines and acknowledged standards of practice.

Eligibility Specifications

The grant allocation typically oscillates between $8,000 and $40,000, with the precise amount contingent on the breadth and magnitude of the research proposal. As OARS grants are intended to complement alternative funding avenues, we fervently urge applicants to concurrently pursue supplementary financial assistance from other organizations.

Grant Limitations

OARS grants are restricted from being utilized for overhead expenses, indirect costs, or any outlay not expressly related to the proposed research. Grant beneficiaries must confer OARS the prerogative of first refusal for the widespread dissemination of their research discoveries. The allocated funds are prohibited from being expended on travel to scientific or professional symposiums, land procurement, endowments, legal proceedings, the erection of permanent field stations, or the publication of research outcomes (including APC).

Application Procedure

To embark on the grant application journey, researchers are required to submit a pre-application comprising an electronic duplicate of their curriculum vitae (CV). For inquiries regarding the pre-application form, please connect with us. OARS welcomes pre-applications throughout the calendar year, ensuring that cutting-edge research endeavors receive prompt backing.

Through the provision of these grants, the Open Association of Research Society aspires to stimulate transformative scientific progress that resonates with our core objective: cultivating an environment of intellectual curiosity, cooperation, and exploration within the global research fraternity.