Guidelines for Editors in case of Request for Removing Authorship After Publication

When an author approaches the journal editor for the removal of authorship after an article has been published, the editor must ascertain the exact reason. If convinced, the editor should obtain written approval from all concerned authors for the removal of authorship.

Next steps depend on the authors' responses:

If all existing authors provide reasonable and justified explanations for exclusion

The editor publishes a suitable correction, and the matter is concluded.

If any author raises concerns about data manipulation

The editor refers to the alleged data manipulation and takes appropriate action.

If any author raises concerns about data manipulation

The editor provides an opportunity for all authors to clarify their positions.
If convinced, the editor may publish both replies with correct and logical reasons, without being offensive.

The following sub-groups determine the next process:

If all authors provide suitable replies, the editor publishes all letters. If replies are not received from all authors, the editor publishes a minority view letter.
If authors either keep silent or respond with discourteous language: - In both cases, the editor publishes a correction indicating the removal of the author's name ONLY AFTER obtaining approval from all authors.
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