Fellow Memberships

The OARS Fellow Membership represents an eminent and distinguished membership for the globe's preeminent researchers and scientists. Researchers who become part of our distinguished global network, the esteemed members can anticipate unparalleled advantages, exclusive access to state-of-the-art tools, preferential invitations to events, and fruitful collaboration prospects with leading research institutions. They seize the opportunity to bolster your professional trajectory with the OARS Fellowship, an exceptional nexus where eminence and cooperation converge.


Collaborating with Leading Research Institutions 

The Fellow membership is bolstered by international partnerships with distinguished research institutes, pioneering technology companies, and renowned academicians.


Elite 0.1% of researchers and scientists 

The FRCCS is conferred upon exceptional scientists, engineers, and technologists worldwide who have demonstrated unparalleled excellence in medicine and science. This autonomous fellowship enjoys global recognition and prestige.


The distinguished members of this esteemed research council have played pivotal roles in myriad monumental, revolutionary breakthroughs and innovations throughout the annals of medical and scientific history. Their persistent endeavors to make remarkable contributions persist, as they remain morally obligated to assist their fellow researchers, foster the proliferation of scientific advancements, and relentlessly push the frontiers of human understanding.

Membership Selection Process

The application window opens once a year. Doctorates and Doctors of Literature can apply online through any accredited organization, where they will be asked to submit a comprehensive set of their academic records, including links to their published research. OARS will verify, grade, and certify the applicants; if deemed eligible, the registrar will share the profile with our existing Fellow members for nomination. The Fellow Election Procedure will commence according to our Charter, Byelaws, and Standing Orders.

Credibility & Benefits

An Exclusive Global Network Fellow members become part of an esteemed global network of researchers and scientists, enabling direct communication, collaboration, and the development of groundbreaking ideas.

Designation & Recognition

Members are granted an honorary title and esteemed credibility that can be used alongside their Ph.D. designation.

Institutional Acknowledgment

The accreditation authority will send a letter of recognition and appreciation to the university dean or president of the member's organization/institution, signed by the Chief Editor.

Access to Premium Tools

Fellow membership fosters advancements in science. Fellows gain access to world-class premium tools and domain-specific research directories, facilitating their research work and collaborations.

Priority Access to Conferences, Webinars & Events

Fellow members receive priority and front-row access to all OARS conferences, webinars, and events, as well as those hosted by partner organizations. They also gain access to exclusive one-on-one sessions at such events. Fellows are encouraged to organize conferences, tech talks, and webinars on behalf of OARS. Fellow members can get in touch to host an event.

Degree Evaluation

Our society evaluates degrees internationally based on university rankings and assessments received by the candidate. Consequently, Fellow members can apply for approval, grading, and certification of their educational and institutional degrees.

Additional Benefits for Fellow Members

Research Funding Opportunities Fellow members receive exclusive access to research grant opportunities provided by OARS and partner organizations, increasing the likelihood of securing funding for their projects.
Professional Development Fellows gain access to tailored professional development courses, workshops, and mentoring programs designed to further enhance their research skills and career progression.
Publishing Assistance Fellow members receive expedited review processes and reduced fees for publishing their research in OARS-affiliated journals, ensuring timely and cost-effective dissemination of their work.
International Collaborations Fellows are encouraged to engage in global research collaborations, facilitated by OARS' extensive network of partner institutions and researchers worldwide.
Visiting Scholar Opportunities Fellow members have the chance to participate in visiting scholar programs at prestigious institutions, fostering knowledge exchange and cross-disciplinary collaboration.
Awards and Honors OARS recognizes the exceptional achievements of Fellow members through a variety of awards and honors, further elevating their professional standing and reputation.
Networking Events Fellows have access to exclusive networking events, where they can connect with leading researchers, industry professionals, and decision-makers in their respective fields.
Career Opportunities Fellow members gain visibility within the research community, increasing their chances of discovering new career opportunities and collaborations. OARS actively promotes its Fellows to partner organizations, connecting them with potential employers and projects.
Discounts on Partner Services Fellow members receive exclusive discounts on various services offered by OARS partner organizations, such as laboratory equipment, software, and research databases.
Access to Cutting-Edge Research Fellows can stay ahead of the curve by accessing the latest research findings and developments through OARS' curated content, newsletters, and alerts.
Mentorship Opportunities Fellow members have the opportunity to serve as mentors for early-career researchers, helping to shape the future of science and technology by sharing their expertise and experience.
Policy Influence Fellows can contribute to the development of science and technology policies by participating in consultations, working groups, and advisory panels organized by OARS and affiliated organizations.
Special Recognition for Outstanding Contributions Fellow members who make exceptional contributions to their respective fields and the scientific community can be honored with special recognition and awards from OARS, further enhancing their professional reputation and prestige.

By offering a comprehensive range of benefits and opportunities to its Fellow members, OARS aims to gather the brightest minds in research and foster a vibrant, collaborative community dedicated to advancing research worldwide for the betterment of humans.