Actions Taken by OARS When Grievances are Received Against Member Journals

The "GRIEVANCES REDRESSAL FORUM" receives and handles all grievances, thoroughly scrutinizing each case. The process involves:

Senior executives of the "Grievances Redressal Forum" confirm the grievance is: a) Against an OARS member. b) Within OARS guidelines. c) Dated after OARS inception. d) Submitted as per OARS guidelines. e) Contains necessary details.
Once confirmed, the senior executive forwards the complaint to the journal and contacts the OARS Council Member. They meet to discuss the issue and reach a conclusion: a. All agree the journal is at fault. b. If disagreement arises, they request further evidence and investigation.
The case proceeds to the OARS Sub Group, which includes senior executives from the "Grievances Redressal Forum," an OARS executive, and two OARS Council Members.
The OARS Sub Group investigates and prepares a report.
The report is sent to the OARS Chair Person (excluding the faulty journal) for final approval.
Once approved, the report is forwarded to the editor for corrections, with copies sent to the OARS Council Member and the accuser.