Guideline for Editors in case of Suspected Plagiarism in Manuscripts

The editor assesses the extent of copying/plagiarism and classifies it into four categories:

  1. Major plagiarism
  2. Minor plagiarism
  3. Self-plagiarism (copying from the author's own work)
  4. Negligible plagiarism

Major Plagiarism

When the text/paper is entirely or substantially copied without crediting the original author, the editor takes the following actions:

Contacts the concerned author with a written letter, enclosing an ownership statement and documentary proof of plagiarism.
Awaits the author's response or silence.
If the author replies, they either attempt to mislead the editor or admit their mistake.
If the author provides a misleading answer, the editor writes to all authors, stating rejection and warning them to rectify their behavior.
If the author admits their honest error, is unaware of journal rules, or confirms they are a novice researcher, the editor requests a revised submission with proper cross-references to the original publication and cautions against repetition.
Informs the authors' superiors or research guild with a written complaint, mentioning the guilty author(s) name.
If the author remains silent, the editor contacts all concerned authors, informing them of the situation.
If there is still no response from any authors, the editor approaches the highest authority at the author's institution, submitting a written complaint with the facts and guilty author(s) name.
If the institution takes no action, the editor follows up with the Head of Department at regular intervals to blacklist the guilty author(s).
In all cases, the editor informs authors and concerned peer reviewers of the actions taken.
Major Plagiarism

Applies when only idioms or slogans are copied. Though not considered a severe offense, the editor contacts the author to express displeasure and, to maintain the journal's reputation, insists the author either rewrites the idioms/slogans or cites the original writer/author/publication.


The editor contacts the author to provide proper self-references.

Negligible Plagiarism: The editor approves the submission and informs the peer reviewer to proceed.

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