Diversity & Inclusion

With a mission home to the world's largest researchers community, we sincerely believe in the potential and power of a diverse open-source. Therefore, we must promote diversity and inclusion and integrate these values into every aspect of our work.

How do we do this? Our global diversity, inclusion, and belonging strategy are aligned across four pillars: Researchers, Benchmarks, Philanthropy, and Policy. Take a deeper dive into each below.

Our platform development should be accessible, inclusive, and sustainable so that researchers worldwide can share, contribute, grow, and feel like they belong.
Our goal at OARS is to create a culture fueled by people passionate about building a global community of researchers and doing the best work at their institutions.
We share our Bi-annual Diversity Report, which brings transparency to diversity efforts, like representation in tech roles and leadership.

Promote continuous learning

We invest in all employees' unconscious bias, privilege, and allyship training. This empowers everyone to develop awareness, exercise curiosity, and demonstrate courage.
We have many highly qualified and talented employees. We are a multinational organization. We have no room for casteism and give equal respect to all classes and creeds of people around the globe, irrespective of nationality. We do not differentiate among human beings/people. We are impartial. We are devoted to serving all classes of human beings by allowing them to exhibit their talent and knowledge in research work. We motivate their unique and innovative idea and spread them to people around the globe.
We are engaged in motivating people's unique, innovative, and diversity of ideas and spread to people around the globe.
We are experts in recruiting, nurturing, and providing proper training to magnanimous, highly knowledgeable people. Our employees are capable of handling multi-tasks, and they are all-rounders.
We are dedicated to sustaining other nonprofits and research associations through society's donations and fellow memberships.


We use our forum to promote issues that protect and promote inclusive possibilities through the law, regulations, and social actions.

Join us on our path to diversity, inclusion, and belonging for all

Our Policy

Our policy is to encourage genuine researchers, scientists, doctors, etc., to get their research reach to the entire research community across the world through our organization.

Spreading and sharing innovative, unique research

We are committed to conducting our society following these principles to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained.

Serving Communities from Developing Countries

We primarily serve developing countries and diverse research communities for a noble cause.

Emphasis on Cost Consciousness

We stress manufacturing facilities in developing countries without compromising quality.

With our associated publishers, we support publishing diverse, trustworthy, unpublished, outstanding research work with our competent subject experts' guidance and editorial process under rigid quality control parameters. We have gained the confidence of the entire researcher community for releasing genuine research work.

We recruit, nurture, and provide proper training to magnanimous and highly knowledgeable individuals. As a result, our employees are experts in their fields, talented, and capable of handling their work most efficiently.

To have a constructive impact on the future of scientific research and the world of the next century, we must be committed to opening the scientific and engineering community by encouraging highly qualified and talented researchers from all across the globe. We are a multinational organization; we respect all classes and creeds of people, irrespective of caste, sex, religion, nationality, or race, worldwide. Therefore, we give equal opportunity to everyone impartially to exhibit their talent and knowledge and to grow in research work.

Diversity and Inclusion
Our Research Society, steadfast in endorsing diversity and inclusion, acknowledges the treasure trove of insights, ideas, and breakthroughs emerging from a kaleidoscopic research community. We're persuaded that by cultivating belonging and advocating equitable opportunities, we bolster our Society's growth, the research ecosystem, and beyond.
Diverse Perspectives
Our aim? A myriad of backgrounds, disciplines, and experiences amongst fellow members, collaborators, researchers, and affiliates. Gender balance, underrepresented communities, and early-career researchers intermingling with seasoned experts—this is the vision we pursue.
Inclusivity in Action
Dedicated to sculpting inclusive spaces, we ensure all members feel welcome, esteemed, and valued for their unique contributions. Open, respectful communication, accessible resources, and events devoid of discrimination and bias embody our commitment.
Equality and Opportunity
Championing equal chances for researchers at every stage, we ensure that fellow memberships, accreditations, and collaborative endeavors are granted based on merit and potential. We're proactive in identifying and dismantling barriers to access, participation, and triumph, leveling the playing field for all researchers in our Society.
Lifelong Learning
Understanding the significance of ongoing education, we urge members and stakeholders to partake in diversity and inclusion training, workshops, and seminars. As we deepen our grasp of challenges facing diverse individuals and communities, we can take concrete steps to address them and cultivate a more inclusive research milieu.
Accountability and Progress
Regular evaluations of our strides in diversity and inclusion allow us to set tangible goals and benchmarks, ensuring continuous improvement. Transparency defines our efforts—we celebrate our victories, learn from our challenges, and strive to create a more equitable research community.

Embracing diversity and inclusion, our Research Society empowers researchers from all walks of life to collaborate, innovate, and contribute to the betterment of humanity. We pledge to refine our practices and work relentlessly toward an inclusive, supportive, and inspiring research community for all.