Established since 1964

Free and Non-Profit

Open Association of Research Society is a not-for-profit international organization

Open Association of Research Society is a not-for-profit international organization that utilizes its open standards to enrich research and community-made benchmarks. We are bringing researchers together and encouraging them to raise themselves out of the darkness of conventional research methodologies and standards. Our mission is to provide completely free and world‑class open standards for everyone.

Our Research Society, unwavering in its free and non-profit nature, is devoted to fostering knowledge, propelling research, and empowering researchers worldwide. With an eye on scientific inquiry's transformative potential, we endeavor to forge a global community where collaboration and knowledge are accessible to all, transcending economic or financial constraints.

We pledge to provide open access to resources, publications, and research tools, ensuring researchers, scholars, and the public reap the benefits of our shared expertise and insights. By dismantling barriers to knowledge, we champion a more informed, engaged, and innovative global society.

The backbone of our Society? Passionate volunteers, contributing their time, energy, and proficiency in support of our mission. Organizing events, and conferences, engaging in collaborative projects, and offering a pool of peer reviews—our volunteers are indispensable to our organization's triumph.

We aim to forge partnerships with fellow non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and industry frontrunners sharing our values and dedication to research advancement. Through resource pooling and collaborative efforts, we amplify our collective impact, nurturing a more inclusive and equitable research ecosystem.

Remaining a non-profit organization, we grasp the importance of financial sustainability for our work's continuity and effectiveness. Responsible financial management, grant-seeking, sponsorships, and donations support our activities, ensuring accountability to our members, stakeholders, and partners.

As a free and non-profit organization, we aspire to drive positive change in the communities we serve. We promote scientific literacy and curiosity among the public, support underrepresented researchers, and tackle global challenges through collaborative research, dedicated to making a tangible impact on people's lives.

By upholding our free and non-profit nature, our Research Society embodies our vision of an inclusive, accessible, and empowering researcher across the globe. We stand firm in our commitment to advancing knowledge, spurring innovation, and fostering collaboration for the betterment of humanity today and beyond.


Universities for their inspiration, evolution, and betterment of research.