Guideline for Editors in case plagiarism is discovered Post-Publication

Typically, readers identify instances of duplication and inform the concerned editor. The editor gratefully acknowledges the complaint and encourages readers to provide documentary evidence (if possible) to facilitate appropriate action. The editor verifies the claim and determines the extent of duplication, classifying the research text/paper into three categories:

  1. Major (intolerable)
  2. Minor (acceptable with correction)
  3. Minute (negligible)

Major (intolerable)

A significant portion of the text/paper is duplicated without providing a cross-reference to the original publication, merely changing names or locations.

Author(s) Respond
The author(s) may reply (after consulting with co-authors) and admit their mistakes. In case of honest error, the concerned author(s) may admit the error, express unawareness of journal rules, or acknowledge their inexperience as an author. In all cases, the editor insists the author(s) provide a cross-reference to the original publication.
Author(s) Don't Respond
If the author(s) remain silent and the duplication is extensive, the editor deems the submission unacceptable and rejects it. In cases of continued silence from the author(s), the editor contacts the "Head of the Authors' Department" at their institution with a written letter, obtains an acknowledgment, and follows up every 2-4 months.
Minor (acceptable with correction)

If the editor is convinced that it is a case of minor error,

The editor contacts the concerned author(s), expressing displeasure.
The editor insists that the author(s) either remove the duplicated content or provide a cross-reference to the original publication.
Minute (negligible)

The editor contacts the concerned author(s) and recommends they supply a cross-reference for the translated or duplicated data.

Finally, the editor conveys the conclusions and actions taken to the concerned readers

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