Guidelines for Journal Publishers

Guidelines for Journal Publishers: Upholding Ethics, Responsibilities, and OARS Membership

The following guidelines are recommended for publishers who are members of OARS and support OARS membership for journal editors:

Adherence to OARS Guidelines Publishers should:

Strictly follow OARS guidelines and encourage fellow editors to do the same
Inform associated editors and the journal about the rights and responsibilities of being an OARS member
Provide necessary support to editors to enable them to comply with OARS guidelines

Collaboration and Policy Development Publishers should organize regular meetings with editors to:

Develop appropriate journal policies that ensure editorial independence, research ethics, and adherence to privacy and approval requirements for human and animal research
Maintain transparency and integrity regarding conflicts of interest, reporting standards, and research funding
Clarify the roles and responsibilities of all involved parties, including peer reviewers and the editorial team
Address complaints and grievances

Dissemination and Evaluation of Journal Guidelines Publishers should

Publicize journal guidelines among authors, readers, and peer reviewers
Publicize journal guidelines among authors, readers, and peer reviewers

Ensuring and Maintaining

Ensuring and Maintaining the Academic Record's Integrity Publishers should:

Cooperate fully with external authorities such as institutions, funding agencies, and governing bodies responsible for investigating questionable research and publications suspected of misconduct

Expedite the resolution of disputed cases

Issue corrections, errata, clarifications, and retractions when necessary

Timely Publication Publishers should:

Publish articles promptly, without unnecessary delays, ensuring that the research is made available to the academic community in a timely manner

By adhering to these guidelines, journal publishers contribute to upholding the ethical standards, responsibilities, and integrity of OARS membership. This collaborative effort between publishers and editors ensures that research publications meet the highest quality standards while maintaining the core values of OARS membership.

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