Freedom of Expression

Open Association of Research Society is managed and run by highly talented, motivated, educated, detailed executives specialized in their individual fields who ensure equality, growth, spreading of knowledge, and advancement


Voice Your Insights: Shape Your Research

At OARS, we celebrate and encourage freedom of expression, fostering a vibrant community where diverse ideas and perspectives can thrive, while upholding ethical standards and maintaining a respectful environment.


Values We follow

We undertake the social responsibility to serve society by rendering our services

Our Research Society, unwavering in its advocacy for freedom of expression, acknowledges the significance of this principle in cultivating a dynamic, innovative, and collaborative research landscape. Open dialogue, idea interchange, and respectful debates — we believe these are paramount for advancing knowledge and enriching society.

We pledge to offer a platform for researchers, scholars, and stakeholders hailing from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, empowering them to share their insights, discoveries, and perspectives. By welcoming an array of viewpoints, we foster critical thinking, ignite creativity, and nurture a spirited intellectual community.

While upholding freedom of expression, we emphasize the importance of a respectful, inclusive environment. Our Society promotes open communication devoid of harassment, discrimination, and offensive language. Courtesy and respect for others are expected from all members, partners, and participants in our events and activities.

Freedom of expression and academic integrity are inextricably linked. We encourage researchers to present their work honestly, transparently, and without data manipulation or plagiarism. Adherence to the highest ethical standards fortifies our research community's credibility, trustworthiness, and impact.

Rights and responsibilities strike a delicate balance within the realm of freedom of expression. Our Society supports researchers' right to express opinions and engage in critical debate while underscoring accuracy, accountability, and ethical guideline adherence in information and idea dissemination.

In our pursuit of open dialogue, we recognize intellectual property rights' significance. Our Society remains steadfast in protecting our researchers' work and respecting others' intellectual property, ensuring ideas and innovations receive proper attribution and credit.

By championing freedom of expression, our Research Society fosters a thriving, diverse, and intellectually stimulating research community. We stand firm in our commitment to this fundamental principle, enabling researchers to share ideas, challenge assumptions, and contribute to humanity's collective pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

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