Commandments for Social Media in Research Promotion

To approach and engage your prospective readers and increase citations, leverage modern technology and social media platforms. These platforms play a vital role in raising awareness and interest in your research. We suggest sharing your articles on the following platforms to directly reach viewers and readers, increasing readership and engagement:

Contribute to Wikipedia Create and add content about your research subject on Wikipedia to attract readers at the beginning of their search.
Join Twitter Use Twitter to share your research and communicate with the global research community, gathering feedback from readers worldwide.
Upload lectures to YouTube Share videos related to your research subject to capture interest and visually explain your findings.
Start blogging Share your research articles, experiences, opinions, and insights on your blog to engage with the wider research community.
Join academic social networking sites like ResearchGate and Connect with researchers, professors, and professionals in your field to discuss research interests and collaborate on projects
Create your own website Establish a personal website to showcase your research and connect with other researchers.
Utilize social bookmarking with CiteULike Store your favorite research articles in a personal library and access them from anywhere with an internet connection.
Join Methodspace Engage with fellow researchers to discuss research processes, address challenges, and share information about seminars and meetings.
Join LinkedIn Expand your professional network and reach a broader audience by creating a profile on LinkedIn.
Join Facebook Connect with people from various backgrounds and share your research with a wider audience through Facebook groups and pages.
Use ResearchGate Share your publications, ask questions, and connect with colleagues on ResearchGate, a platform dedicated to helping researchers collaborate and advance their work.
Register with ORCID Create an ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) to uniquely identify yourself as a researcher and manage your research activities, ensuring your work is easily discoverable and attributed to you.

By following these commandments and maximizing referencing, you can increase the visibility and impact of your research in the academic community.

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