Fellow Membership Application Procedure

Applicants are advised to submit their membership applications exclusively through an affiliated institution (Affiliated Organization).
Application Process
Candidates can choose to apply via the affiliated institution's online system. They will need to provide personal and academic details and compose a personal statement.
Supplementary Documentation

For Fellows/Associates, OARS will verify your qualifications, so there is no need to submit additional documents during the application process. However, if you possess alternative qualifications, you may need to submit transcripts or certificates of your results from the Affiliated Organization.

Fair Admissions Statement

OARS is dedicated to maintaining a fair, transparent, and professional membership process underpinned by robust institutional structures. All decisions are unbiased and based solely on the merit of the individual, irrespective of their social background.

To foster fair admissions, OARS endeavors to
Ensure that achievements and potential are the primary criteria for admission.
Implement foolproof admission processes that promote equal educational opportunities, regardless of an applicant's social background.
Uphold an equitable membership admission process that treats each applicant fairly, without direct or indirect favoritism.
Thoroughly consider every deserving applicant.
Guarantee that membership admission decisions are reliable and that each stage of the process is conducted with honesty and integrity by qualified staff possessing up-to-date knowledge and expertise.
Fully acknowledge the diverse range of qualifications and potential indicators.
Safeguard the fair execution of the membership admission process.
Raise awareness among applicants about the decision-making process for membership admissions.