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Search Engine Ranking Impact (SERI)


$$ SERI = \frac{\sum_1^{S_E} \int S.e^A ds}{S_E} $$

$ a \rightarrow$ Scaling factor

$ N \rightarrow$ Number of average hits (Monthly/Annually)

$ I \rightarrow$ Interdisciplinary viewers

$ R \rightarrow$ Researchers of concerned stream

$ dx \rightarrow$ Popularity zone width

$Impact curve = e^{R.I}$

Normalization Factor of SERI

$$ N(SERI) = \frac{\int_1^n S.e^{R.I} dx}{n} $$


Page Ranking Impact (PRI)

(PRI) -W-0.1

(Points - 10 )

$ a \rightarrow$ Scaling factor

$ b \rightarrow$ No of hits

$ I \rightarrow$ Interdisciplinary Viewer

$ I \rightarrow$ Original Stream Viewer

$ dz \rightarrow$ Popularity zone width

$$ PRI = \frac{\int_1^n a \left[ b^{2I} + b^R \right] dz}{n} $$

Citation Linking Flux (CLF)

[LF, W-0.05, points 10]

Link analysis is a subset of network analysis, exploring association among commulative factor


Graphical Link Matrix Representation

Category of sites

zone A (80 to 100) = 15 Major

zone B (50 to 79) = 170 Main

zone C (0 to 49) = 2000 General



Impact Factor

[IF, w-0.1(standard), points-10(standard)]

The values are 'furnished' by ISI using their standards.

Cumulative Impact Index

[CII, w-0.05, points 10]

$Linking Flux-LF-2.2$
$Impact Factor-IF-2.5$
$Scoring Impact Index-II-2.4$
$Publishing Potential-PP-2.9$
$Standard Points=10$

Cumulative workout for every issue from January to December of particular year and then cumulative yearly.

Indexing site Gradation (Considering location and time)
Grad A => 5 Major
Grad B => 10 Main
Grad C => 150 General


$$CII = \sum PII $$

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