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       Research Journal Accreditation: Aptitude Flux

(I) The journal must enter the mandatory fields (*)
(II) Either fill field with correct data or leave it blank
(III) More details may be inquired (+)
(IV) Part (I) is mandatory. For Part (II), fill either (A) or (B) or both.


Journal's Basic Information
Title of Journal(*)
Invalid Input As per Journal's ISSN
ISSN (International Standard Serial Number)
Print ISSN
Invalid Input
Online ISSN
Invalid Input
Invalid Input
Invalid Input The institute (Parent/Holding Company) on behalf of which you are filing
Correspondence Authority
Invalid Input
Email Address(*)
Invalid Input
Contact Number
Invalid Input 123-456-7890 format
Governing Body
Invalid Input
Headquarters Address
Invalid Input Please do not give PO Box only
Invalid Input Select Multiple Countries by Ctrl Key (On PC)/Command Key(On Mac)

Part (II)
Tentative Aptitude Flux (TAF)

Open Access Mode
Invalid Input    Free to access and no registration required to view complete article.
Number of Members/Editors in Editorial Board
Invalid Input Numerical Value
List of Indexing Organizations
Invalid Input Separated by Comma
URL (Link/Web address) of Editorial Board
Please enter correct link with http http:// or https:// format
All papers are reviewed by two peer reviewers(*)
It is compulsory to mention this
Invalid Input
Do not click if you need official AF
Year for which AF is required
Invalid Input
Search Engine Ranking Impact (SERI)
Alexa Rank
Invalid Input Visit
Google's PageRank
Linking Flux (LF)
Number of Major websites linking
% of Unique Visits
Invalid Input As per Alexa
Official ISI Impact Factor
IndexCopernicus Value
Invalid Input Visit IndexCopernicus
Cumulative Impact Index (CII)
List of Major Indexing Organizations
Invalid Input Must be separated by Comma
International Indexers
Invalid Input Number of International Indexing Organizations
National Indexers
Invalid Input Number of National Indexers
Open Access Mode (OAM)
   Open Access Mode (OAM)
Invalid Input Free to Access
Paper Eminence Gradation (PEG)
Year for which applying
Invalid Input (Particular Year)
Total number of papers published in a particular year
Invalid Input
    Review Papers
Invalid Input
    Research Papers
Invalid Input
    Research Articles
Invalid Input
Number of articles Cited/Referred/Implemented by different researchers
Invalid Input
Number of times Journal was downloaded
Invalid Input
No. of papers whose Authors having Ph.D. or Higher Degree
Invalid Input
    At least one
Invalid Input
Invalid Input
Publishing Potential (PP)
Total number of peer reviewers in organization
Invalid Input
Number of peer reviewers under the scope of journal
Invalid Input
All papers must be reviewed by two reviewers
Invalid Input
No. of papers having at least one peer reviewer outside the country
Invalid Input
Translation facility with minimum three international languages
Invalid Input
Frequency per annum
Invalid Input Number of issues published in a year
Number of Issues published in time and with stability
Invalid Input (Out of total issues)
Average Response time for Customer Queries
Invalid Input In hours
Average Publication Duration
Invalid Input (Submission of paper to publishing of eJournal)
Editorial Potential (EP)
Total Number of Active Editorial Board Members
Invalid Input
Board Members having PhD or more than 5 publications
Invalid Input
Editorial Members honored with D.Dc./D.Litt./DM
Invalid Input
Editorial Members honored with higher level (Nobel Laureates)
Invalid Input
Organization Potential (OP)
Facilitated with Research Discussion Board/Forum
Invalid Input
Dedicated Radio Station
Invalid Input For Research Broadcast/Podcast
Video Conferencing Facility
Invalid Input eg Google+ Hangout/Skype Conferencing
Organizing Events
    International Conferences Organized
Invalid Input (In particular year)
    National Conferences Organized
Invalid Input (In particular year)
    International Symposiums Organized
Invalid Input (In particular year)
    International Seminars Organized
Invalid Input (In particular year)
eLibrary Linkings (ELL)
Number of Digital Libraries linking to Journal (ELL)
Invalid Input eLibrary Linking
Country Impact influence (CI)
Number of National Funding Agencies of Country
Invalid Input (Country in which Journal is based)
Number of Universities in Country
Invalid Input
Number of International Journals published in Country
Invalid Input (Approx.)
Number of Countries publishing with Journal regularly (+)
Invalid Input
Terms and Conditions
Invalid Input
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