Sunday, June 16, 2019
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This classification system is being developed by OARS.

Following are highlights from its Software Requirement Specification (SRS). To get its beta access, just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Purpose

Open Classification System is an open source classification system which will classify and facilitate organizing documents or library materials (books, serials, audiovisual materials, computer files, maps, manuscripts, realia) according to their subject and allocating a call number to that information resource.
There are many standard systems of library classification in use, and many more have been proposed over the years. Some of them depending on how they are used:

        • Universal schemes covering all subjects. Examples include Dewey Decimal Classification, Universal Decimal Classification and Library of Congress Classification
        • Specific classification schemes for particular subjects or types of materials. Examples include Iconclass, British Catalogue of Music Classification, and Dickinson classification, or the NLM Classification for medicine.
        • National schemes specially created for certain countries. An example is the Swedish library classification system, SAB

This OCS is also a universal scheme of classification but unlike other classification system like Dewey Decimal Classification and Library of Congress Classification this classification system will be an open source classification.

  • Scope

The overarching system develops a new standard for classifying research streams. As there are many classification systems already being built up, but still there was a need to make a classification system as an open source.

  • Objectives of the project

The main objective of this project is to create an open classification system in such a way that purposes of keeping track of various journals published by Scientists, Engineers, Managers, Doctors and Professors can be solved.

  • Product Perspective

OCS is a replacement for the ordinary classification system.

  • Product Functions

Major features of Open Classification System are

        • Multiple parents and children visualizing the navigable graph-tree structure.
        • R-Graph: HTML file chart library written in java script that uses canvas tag to draw.
        • Automated classification coding of research articles based on Data Mining
        • APIs for accredited organizations of OARS.
        • Open Source and Non-Profit making society (Publicly Managed).

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