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This policy acts as a guide for institutions which are intending to be affiliated to the Open Association of Research Society or to get their programs validated by it. The policy provides a strategic structure to enable the Society to utilize its resources to optimum level to extend its current system of affiliation in response to demand. Only educational institution/company/research publishing company/college/university [known as organization in the following document] are eligible for its Affiliation.

Mutual Goal

With a view to establish certain exchange programs beneficial to the respective educational institutions it promotes the development of joint studies, research and training activities, and other educational programs of mutual interest. Society believes that international understanding and educational opportunities of their students and faculty would be enhanced by international academic and scientific cooperation.


The Open Association of Research Society strictly adheres to following principles for a new or renewed affiliation if the agreement:

  • facilitates the achievement of the goals and missions of both the Open Association of Research Society and the organization seeking affiliation;
  • demonstrates achievement of established academic, administrative, financial, facilities, and support criteria; 
  • does not result in economical burden to the Open Association of Research Society.
  • all costs for review of a new or renewal proposal for affiliation by the requesting organization shall be borne by that institution which includes costs for site visits, meetings, reports and legal services.


New affiliation agreements and major modifications of existing affiliation agreements shall be established by the Society Council upon recommendation by OARS Academic Board.
Requests for new and renewed affiliation agreements shall be initiated by the institution requesting affiliation and shall be forwarded to the Treasurer and Vice-President for approval.


Provisions shall be made for regular periodic monitoring and for a thorough assessment from time to time, of the implementation of all affiliation agreements, including those which are existing now. A thorough assessment, as above, shall be undertaken five years after initiation of a new affiliation agreement, and subsequently at ten year intervals, or sooner at the behest of either the Organization/College or the University.

Any proposals for amendment growing out of the above monitoring process shall be discussed between appropriate representatives of the Organization/College and the University, and resolved amicably.

General Institutional Requirements

An institution affiliated with the OARS should meet specified General Institutional Requirements.


It should have a mission statement, formally adopted by the governing board and made public, declaring that it is an institution of higher education or research or research publishing organization.


1. It should have legal authorization to grant its degrees (If organization is College/University), and it should also meet all the legal requirements to operate as an institution of higher education wherever it conducts its activities.
2. It should have legal documents to confirm its status: whether not-for-profit, or for-profit, or public.


1. It should have a governing board that possesses and exercises necessary legal power to establish and review basic policies that govern the institution.
2. Its governing board should include public members and is sufficiently autonomous from the administration and ownership to assure the integrity of the institution.
3. It should have an executive officer designated by the governing board to provide administrative leadership for the institution.
4. Its governing board should authorize the institution’s affiliation with the Society.

Faculty (If organization is College/University)

It employs a faculty that has been awarded the degree from accredited institutions to the level of instruction offered by the institution.
1. It should have sufficient number of faculties who are full-time employees of the institution.
2. Its faculty members should have significant role in developing and evaluating all of the institution’s educational programs.

Educational Program (If organization is College/University)

1. It should have legal authority to confirm degrees.
2. It has degree programs in operation, with students enrolled with it.
3. Its degree programs are conforming to the institution’s mission and are based on recognized fields of study at the higher level of education.
4. Its degrees are appropriately named, applying practices common to institutions of higher education in terms of both length and content of the programs.
5. Its undergraduate degree programs should include a rational/logical general education requirement consistent with the institution’s mission and designed to ensure breadth of knowledge and to promote intellectual inquiry.
6. It should have admission policies and practices that are matching with the institution’s mission and appropriate to its educational programs.
7. It provides its students access to those learning resources and support services which are required for its degree programs.


It should have an external financial audit by a certified public accountant or a public audit agency at least at the interval of every two years.
Its financial documents should reflect the appropriate allocation and use of resources to support its educational programs.
Its financial practices, records, and reports demonstrate fiscal viability.

Public Information (If organization is College/University)

Its catalogue or other official documents should include its mission statement along with accurate descriptions of:

  • its educational syllabus and degree requirements;
  • its learning resources;
  • its admissions policies, procedures and practices;
  • its academic and non-academic policies and procedures directly affecting students;
  • its fees, other levies and refund policies; and
  • the academic qualifications of its faculty and administrators.

It accurately discloses its standing with accrediting bodies with which it is affiliated/seeking affiliation.
It makes available upon request, information that accurately describes its financial condition.

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