Saturday, February 04, 2023
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OARS is committed to the application of research and innovation for the advancement of human prosperity and for the accretion of information. These areas claim trustworthiness and openness in all actions funded or sustained by the Society.

        •  OARS is specialized in motivating genuine, magnanimous researchers providing them whole hearted support in publishing & protecting their research without any charge.
        •  OARS engaged in knowledge spreading activity & extends full support impartially.
        •  OARS leaves no stone unturned to protect & conserving editorial independence without any prejudice.
        •  OARS ensures release of genuine, unpublished research work free from plagiarism, data manipulation/fabrication
        •  OARS serves human being by spreading knowledge without any intention to earn profit.
        •  OARS strives hard to remain in top position by rigid quality control and devotion to human being


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