Thursday, March 30, 2023
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The Open Association of Research Society is the accrediting research publications body dedicated to supporting individual researchers and research institutions to achieve advancement of researchers through encouraging unpublished quality research papers. Its objects are to promote for the benefit of the researchers community.

The trustworthiness, uniqueness and protection of data together with the display and maintenance of high standards of professional conduct and competence, lie at the heart of best practice in management and leadership, wherever practiced in the world. The required high standards apply equally to the quality of research and reliability of researchers; to working relationships with team members, other colleagues and stakeholders; to the management and leadership activities undertaken on behalf of an employing organization; and to actions which have an impact on researcher’s society at large.

The highly qualified and expert executives apply specialized knowledge and skills for the benefit of our organization, employees, colleagues, stakeholders, and researcher’s society. In doing so they must:

  • apply expertise and impartial judgment
  • motivate and support all the team members
  • contribute positively to the achievement of the organizational goals

Adherence to the specified standards of management conduct, competence and practice as set out in this Code, together with a constant self-development, are fundamental requirements of OARS membership. The Code sets a high standard, applicable to all members agree to adhere at the time of joining and renewing OARS membership.

The disagreement between the researchers and OARS accordance with the provisions of this Code, will be reviewed under the complaints grievances handling cell and resolution process, resolved by the higher management team.

Code of Conduct for Researchers

In my personal management and leadership practice I will:

  • Strive for excellence always
  • Remain responsible for my deeds and misdeeds
  • Disclose any personal interest which may adversely affect my managerial decisions
  • Protect all the confidential data/article/paper/information
  • Adhere strictly to my level of competence and conforming to the highest standards of professional behavior and performance
  • Constantly develop professionally, and seek guidance if asked to act beyond my current level of capability
  • Act reasonably and justifiably in identifying and resolving conflicts of values, including those of an ethical nature

In my management and leadership of others I will:

  • Assist colleagues to fully make them understand their responsibilities, areas of authority and accountability
  • Act consistently impartially when addressing any shortfall in performance or drawbacks of behavior
  • Implement a culture of openness and transparency in communications, where issues may be addressed in a frank, timely and effective manner
  • Try to sympathize for the physical and mental health, safety and well being of colleagues, recognizing their specific needs to overcome pressures and problems they face
  • Ensure that every individual is treated fairly and that matters of trust, ethics and diversity are respected
  • Motivate and help colleagues to develop their skills and progress their careers, valuing the contribution which they may make, and recognizing their achievements

I will act as follows [if it is in my jurisdiction] for my employers

  • Seek to reconcile personal and corporate values
  • Safeguard the values, ethics, principles, reputation and assets of the organization
  • Support lawful policies, practices and procedures and seek to enhance them in the interests of good management practice
  • Act in a manner which enables the my organization to achieve overall objectives and contributes to the achievement of targets set
  • Apply all possible solutions and procedures to address matters I perceive as incorrect or as falling below acceptable standards of professional practice

In the interests of customers, researchers and stakeholders I will:

  • Safeguard all confidential information that comes into my possession
  • Ensure that I properly understand their interests and respond to them in a proper manner
  • Establish, maintain and develop business interactions based on mutual confidence and trust
  • I will never take undue advantage of my power/post for my personal benefit
  • I will never enter into any agreement or undertake any activity which is unlawful
  • Ensure that agreements entered should be favoring the interests of my organization and demonstrate good management practice

For the wider community I will:

  • Be honest, open and truthful in all communications with external and internal customers
  • Respect the tradition, practices and reasonable ambitions of others
  • Ensure that I am adhering strictly to all relevant laws and regulations in the country where I am operating
  • Respect social, environmental and wider corporate responsibility concerns, assessing the effect of my actions on the surrounding environment and society, and seeking to protect resources maximum possible

As a member of the Chartered Management Institute I will:

  • Promote its mission, vision and values
  • Safeguard its integrity and good standing, and avoid the conduct which detracts from its reputation
  • Promote its professional image and standing as the management body for research activities
  • Adhere to standards of professional conduct and practice as explained in this Code, as they may be reviewed and revised from time to time
  • Comply with all reasonable expectations made by the Institute for information to co-operate an investigation into a possible breach of the Code
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