Thursday, March 30, 2023
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All applicants are requested to route their Membership application only through the affiliated institution [Affiliated Organization]

Applying through

Applicants can opt for applying through online system. You will be required to enter your personal and academic information as well as writing your personal statement.

Additional documentation

If you're Fellow/Associate, your qualifications will be verified by OARS and hence you are not required to send additional documents while applying. However, if you're having alternative qualifications you may be required to send a transcript or certificate of your results of the Affiliated Organization.

Fair admissions statement

At OARS we're committed to adopt a fair, transparent and professional membership process. This underpins strong and suitable institutional structures. All decisions unbiased and arepurely based on merit of concerned individual without considering social background.

To encourage fair admissions, OARS strives to:

  • achievements and potential are basic requirements for ensuring admissions
  • admissions processes are foolproof to ensure fair membership through equality of educational opportunity, regardless of the social background of applicants
  • promote honest membership admission process which  enable the fair treatment of each individual applicant without direct or indirect favoritism
  • give full consideration to deserving applicants
  • Ensure membership admissions decisions are  reliable and each stage of the  process is  followed with honesty and integrity by concerned staff with relevant and  latest knowledge and expertise
  • fully recognize a wide range of parameters of potential and qualifications
  • ensure the fair operation of the membership admissions process
  • create awareness regarding the decision process among the applicants for membership admissions.

Deposits can be refunded or transferred in the following exceptional cases only:

  • if you are disqualified to meet the academic conditions and which has caused your rejection from the membership. In this case, you must provide an original transcript and degree certificate to verify your final results.
  • if your membership is cancelled by affiliated college/institution/organization through which you have applied.
  • genuine reasons such as serious illness, or a death in the immediate family which is subject to submission of documentary evidence Refund of deposit in such cases will be exclusively depended upon the organizations/college's discretion.

If you meet any of the above criteria you should send us an email including all of the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Your membership reference number
  • A scanned copy of your documentary evidence
All requests for deposit refunds need to be submitted strictly within 30 days from the date of the official commencement of your membership.

Important Notes:
1. Refunds will be forfeited if fraudulent practice is detected on scrutiny.
2. The deposit refund agreed by the College will only be made to the original payer i.e. the person who made the original payment.
Fake applications or Failure in disclosing relevant/essential information by applicant will also cause forfeiture of refunds.

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