Thursday, March 30, 2023
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  • The 'FARSM' title is accorded to a selected professional after the approval of the Editor-in-Chief/Editorial Board Members/Dean.
  • The “FARSM” is a dignified ornament which is accorded to a person’s name viz. Dr. John E. Hall, Ph.D., FARSM or William Walldroff, M.S., FARSM.
  • FARSM accrediting is an honor. It authenticates your research activities. After becoming FARSM, you can add 'FARSM' title with your name as you use this recognition as additional suffix to your status. This will definitely enhance and add more value and repute to your name. You may use it on your professional Counseling Materials such as CV, Resume, Visiting Card and Name Plate etc.
  • The FARSM may please go through standards of Open Association of Research Society, U.S.A (OARS). You may please let us know the standard in which you are interested. We shall provide details of particular standard only on receipt of request from the FARSM. You can also play vital role if you have any suggestions so that proper amendment can take place to improve the same for the benefit of entire research community.
  • The FARSM member can apply for approval, grading and certification of standards of their educational and Institutional Degrees to Open Association of Research, Society U.S.A.
  • Once you are designated as FARSM, you may send us a scanned copy of all of your credentials. OARS will verify, grade and certify them. This will be based on your academic records, quality of research papers published by you.

All other permissible benefits can be availed from the organizations wherefrom membership is sought

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